Video Update


Sorry for the lack of updates here once again. I recently made a video update about new features in the youtube blendercoders channel:

As you can see the project is alive and well. There are just a lot of other small projects i’m working on, mostly node editor stuff. Check the site as well, i’m probably going to post future particle nodes stuff there.


  1. Troll says:

    First! Haha!
    By the way, this system sound great. When will be done? I have been waiting it for years.

  2. MCHammond says:

    Awsome work dude keep it up. There are alot of blender users watching this!

  3. sds says:

    Nooooo…. (no halo renderer)

    Looks nice though I’m sure needs a lot of testing! By the way, how does this interact with force fields and collisions – can you add fields via nodes?

    Also can you specify the particle type, like boid, newtonian, keyed or fluid?

    What about flow constraints such as follow curve or geometry – and are there any “split” nodes – ie, 30% particles turn right, 70% turn left?

    And how sophisticated is the node dependency tree – can you have recursive (cyclical) graph connections?

    So many questions – thanks for this project :)

  4. Pyroevil says:

    Great work Lukas !

    I did some simple test here one week ago:

    Hope to see more nodes available soon to make more complex thing (like convert my molecular script to do things like Lagoa ).

  5. Steven Shearing says:

    Any news or is it abandoned ?

  6. Konstantins says:

    Yeah, any news? :)
    Is it possible to get a test buil somewhere?

  7. Troll says:

    No news? Is it abandoned? NOOOOOOO! :(
    I want to try it before the end of the world. :(

  8. Javier Rodriguez says:

    Donated …. I believe in you!

  9. Jason Lapp says:

    LOVED IT.. The arrows are great.. I really like the ease of control variation with your control object.. I can think of many other things this could be used for. for instance when the attacking aliens on the battleship motion picture shoot there explosive cylinder at the ships and they stick.. this is very similar. You could literally replace the dupli objects and there you have it.

  10. Janicepzt says:

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